Utilizing the latest scientific discoveries

We have an extensive portfolio of highly effective molecules, with UP1007 as the lead compound. Unify has identified 12 compounds which could be used in the future for multi-drug resistant (MDR) bacterial infections – another emerging and urgent health care need.​


‘UP-1007’ is a derivatized fullerene (60 carbon ball). Unify’s unique product can be taken by mouth and spreads throughout the body – including the brain. It is envisaged that this product will be used to target major diseases which currently have clinically unmet needs.

Parkinson’s Disease​
Acute macular degeneration​
Mild Cognitive Impairment​
Alzheimer’s Disease​
Heart Attacks​
Traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries​


Fig. 1 Brain PET imaging of Parkinsonian monkeys: 80% protection by UP1007, none by placebo

Modified from Dugan et, Ann Neuroll., 2014. Unify Pharmaceuticals has obtained permission for the use of these figures from the Annals of Neurology.

FIGURE 2: Dynamic functional assessment of Parkinson symptoms. Animals rated on an 18-point scale that assesses severity of symptoms. *UP1007 significantly better than placebo.

FIGURE 3: Parkinson motor scores in primates at the end of the study. Data are the mean scores after 8 weeks of drug treatment.

A pre-clinical study in 2014 showed the marked efficacy of C3 on primates afflicted with Parkinson’s (PD). This test was particularly significant for the nature of the subjects; most trials in this area are conducted on animals such as mice which are not biologically similar enough to humans to fully prove efficacy against PD. Statistically significant differences between UP1007 and Placebo groups began to appear after 30 days. No toxicity from UP1007 was observed (Hardt et al., 2018)


Unify Pharmaceuticals holds intellectual property in the US, protecting its proprietary research.

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